An excellent programme in Mental Arithmetic for children aged 4-13 years using Abacus offered by us in collaboration withUCMAS, Malaysia.

DIMENSION is the licensed franchisee of the UCMAS abacus programme for both Barasat and Madhyamgram.

UCMAS  Abacus Programme

From Knowledge To Sucess

This programme takes almost two and a half years to complete when the students progress from first to the eighth level. Students undergoing the programme need to attend one class each week for a duration of two hours. In addition to the evaluation tests taken at the end of each term ( there are eight such terms), we encourage the students to take part in optional State Level, National Level and International Level Competitions organized each year. UCMAS headquarter also conducts International Graduation Exams(IGE) to assess students performance in comparison to the global counterparts. 

Sincethe inception of our journey, the promoters had the feeling that a sound background in the mathematics of the students is imperative in making them successful leaders of tomorrow. We also believe that each child is endowed with a unique potential – an infinite one. With this view, the institution started a course in the mental arithmetic system, popularly known as Abacus Training, in association with the world leader of Abacus education-UCMAS, Malaysia. 

The Abacus has been a trusted teaching tool for thousands of years and is still used today in parts of Asia and Russia. The practice of mental arithmetic is known to aid in the development of the whole brain during the tender age. Mental Arithmetic (Mental Math)  improvises the use of both hands of a student and the movement of six fingers (fourth generation technique). The result of these kinesthetic processes helps in the activation of different lobes and both the hemispheres of the human brain. The mental arithmetic powered by abacus not only makes the calculation of arithmetic operations flawless and super fast but also improves the memory and concentration of the young kids thereby making them confident performers.