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Communicationis the key to all our interactions and knowledge about the world around us. It is the password to unlock the treasures of the world and also the media to express yourself to the world. And it is through language that we communicate, deliver facts and gathers knowledge. Young children are natural language acquirers; They are self-motivated to pick up language without conscious learning. The four basic linguistic skills of any language are listening, speaking, reading and writing. FLUENT language classes attempts to develop and polish all those skills in order to prepare your child for a competitive environment and make him/her confident in the target language i.e. English.

We have three levels of classes offered in two course:

1.  The STARTERS: For classes III and IV, usually children belonging to the age group 7 to 9. Here we attempt to develop the initial comprehensive ability of the English language compounded with teaching of basic grammar. This aims to prepare the students for the next level study of English language.

2.  The MOVERS: For classes V and VI, usually children belonging to the age group 9 to 12. The stage is accompanied by a standard increase in the difficulty level of language comprehension and grammar. It attempts to motivate the students to polish their skills and gain confidence in their understanding of the English language.

3.  The FLYERS: For classes VI and VIII, usually children belonging to the age group 12 to 14. This is an advanced stage. It aims to make the students confident and competent to face the world around then. It mostly focuses on developing the day to day usage of the English language.


We believe that English has become a language of much importance in recent times. It has gradually assumed the stature of a global language since it serves as a link language between nations and countries in different parts of the globe. Moreover, the different kinds of examinations related to higher studies and employment opportunities are conducted in the English language. Therefore, there is a need to develop the different skills to the language in order to prepare the students to face the competitive world around then with higher confidence, smartness and ease. here.

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